教授級的眼科視光知識 + 多年的美加臨床經驗 + 專業的北美檢查方式.

諾貝爾眼科視光中心是由”蕭清仁教授” 與眼科醫師合作之”眼睛視覺保健中心” ,





  1. 配戴者是否適合隱形眼鏡
  2. 適合那一種材質與設計的隱形眼鏡
  3. 合適之隱形眼鏡弧度,直徑,厚度,含水量及透氧度。 亦提供隱形眼鏡售後之例行複診、訓練與指導新配戴者的正確戴法、摘除及保養方法。


Contact lens

A full service care is essential to a successful contact lens fitting. Before starting contact lens trials, you will go through eye examination and evaluation of the suitability for contact lens wear. Once suitability is confirmed, Dr. Hsiao will decide the right kind of lens design, material and prescription for you. You will then receive the lens care kits, instruction on lens care regiments, and schedule for follow up visits.






Ok lens is made of high rigid gas permeable lens material with a double reverse geometry lens design. It is designed to compress and reshape the corneal curvature in order to temporally correct the refractive error and to retard the myopia progression. The patient only needs to wear the lens during sleep hours and will have clear vision throughout all day after lens removal in the morning without any optical aids.

In General, an Ok lens can easily correct myopia prescription up to -3.00D, and maybe up to -5.00D~-5.50D depends on individual’s corneal condition. According to many international journals and Dr. Hsiao’s research, wearing Ok lenses can effectively slow down the myopia progression by at least 50 %.

Thorough eye examination, accurate refraction, and pre-fitting case history are all part of Ok fitting screening tests. The Ok fitting procedures include fluorescence staining, corneal evaluation, and lens centration, lens movement, lens congruency on the cornea. All these are done to make sure no damage could happen to cornea due to lens wear.

Ok lens is not just a special type of contact lenses, instead, it is a customized corrective lens based on fitter’s experience and technique towards Ok lens fitting.



檢查包括: 近視控制, 遠視及散光矯正, 弱視治療, 立體感與色盲之篩檢等等為了避免錯過六歲之前的黃金治療時期,加上學童視力在學校往往有急速的變動,根據加拿大眼科視光醫師協會的建議,孩童第一次的視力檢查應該在三歲左右,之後每半年複診追蹤一次,直到十六歲為止.


Pediatric Exam

Preschool (age 3~5): look out for the conditions such as crossed eyes (strabismus) and lazy eye (amblyopia). These vision problems can’t be fully corrected by eyeglasses alone, special treatments are required.

School Children (age 6~18): The most common vision problems are nearsightedness (myopia) and astigmatism. Other conditions such as eye coordination or accommodation may also present.





Amblyopia & Astigmatism

Many children suffer from undetected vision problems which can negatively affect their school performance. Early detection and treatment provide the very best opportunity to correct vision abnormalities, so your child can see clearly and learn successfully in school.



  1. 越小年齡罹患近視, 近視增加越快, 而且越容易在將來變成高度近視群.
  2. 青少年在未滿18-19歲前, 近視都很有可能繼續加深
  3. 配戴眼鏡或軟式隱形眼鏡, 並不會增快或減緩近視加深的速度
  4. 近視雷射手術可以矯正度數
  5. 綜合以上各點, 最好的方法就是在近視加深前抑制它


減少使用紅色的照明系統, 多使用藍色的燈光,譬如日光燈


散瞳劑 ” 或 “ 睫狀肌麻醉劑 ” – short Vs. long effect, ,
夜戴型角膜塑形術 (OK 鏡片)


Myopia Control

Good habits to slow down myopia progression:

Daily outdoor activity –preferable > 2 hours under the sun
At least 30-45 cm reading distance
Proper reading posture
Avoid long period time of near distance work
Adequate reading lighting source
Take a short break after 30 minutes of reading
Proper viewing distance when watching TV (4~5x of the TV screen length)
Vitamin D intake
Less use of red color and more use of blue color lighting source
Regular eye examination



所有驗光步驟均使用專業的北美檢查方式, 當病人的眼鏡度數改變太多時, 將會先讓病人搭配試鏡框來適應試戴新的度數,之後才開立處方簽


Detail Refraction

All refraction is done with North American standard step by step procedure and the new spectacle prescription will be trialed with the trial frame when there is a big change in patient’s refractive error.



大腦接收視覺訊息來自於雙眼。 正常的雙眼視覺可以給與我們足夠的立體感以及避免重影。 在所有的視覺疾病當中,雙眼視覺問題是最常見到的, 患者常常會有模糊、 眼睛酸痛、不舒服和重影的現象,而且也常常容易導致弱視的形成。處理雙眼視覺問題的方法包括眼鏡、隱形眼鏡、眼睛手術和視覺訓練。


Binocular Vision

Normally, the brain receives signals from both eyes at the same time which means both eyes working together by pointing at the same place. Proper eye alignment is essential for adequate depth perception and avoiding seeing double images. Binocular vision problems are among the most common visual disorders. Patients often experience symptoms such as blur vision, eye strain, discomfort, and diplopia. It is very likely the turned eye will develop a lazy eye in the long run. There are many treatment options for binocular vision anomalies, and they are spectacle lens, contact lens, eye surgery, prism and vision therapy.



定期眼視光檢查是眼睛預防醫學最重要的一環。許多眼睛和視覺上的問題並沒有明顯的症狀,早期發現與早期治療才可以預防視力的退化或損壞。視覺系統檢查項目會依據病人的病徵與症狀以及臨床檢查者的專業判斷而決定。一個完整的視力和視覺系統可包括 : 完整的病歷審核、眼睛外部及週遭的部位之檢查、眼睛內部例如視網膜和水晶體之檢查、視力檢查(近距離、遠距離)、眼壓檢查,雙眼協調及眼睛週遭之眼肌肉之檢查、眼睛遠近調節焦距之能力、立體感之檢查等


comprehensive eye examination

The most important part of preventive healthy vision care is anannular comprehensive eye examination. Optometrists detect and manage problems and conditions of the eye and making sure you get the most from your vision.
Many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems can help prevent vision loss.
The tests to be conducted during an eye examination depend on patient’s signs and symptoms, along with the optometrist’s professional judgment. A comprehensive eye examination may include, but is not limited to, the following tests:
Patient History, Visual Acuity, Preliminary tests, Keratometry, Refraction, Eye Focusing, Eye Teaming, and Eye Movement Testing, Eye Health Evaluation and Supplemental tests



成功的近視雷射手術有賴於仔細的術前評估 (精準度數,角膜弧度及厚度, 瞳孔大小, 淚液分泌和眼球健康)
以及定期的術後複診 (傷口復原,殘留度數等等)


Pre and Post Lasik evaluation

Lasik is a surgical procedure which uses a blade or laser to cut a flap in the cornea and then uses a laser to reshape the corneal tissue underneath. Lasik can be used to correct vision in people with myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Pre Lasik assessment is important to rule out any risk factors and to confirm whether the patient is a good candidate for the surgery. Post Lasik evaluation is to make sure the cornea is recovering from the surgery properly and the refractive status is fully corrected.